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Hulskamp Augmented Reality app

Hulskamp AR is a Augmented Reality app worth discovering

ArtiShock created this surrealistic Augmented Reality landscape translating the services and concepts of Hulskamp AudioVisual. Note: Hulskamp is recently been aquired bij AVEX.

In this AR experience we tried to translate the wonderfull world of Hulskamp in all its glory and show the innovative character of this companies vision.

We found that the visuals should be something else that you usually encounter in Augmented Reality, and that is mirroring reality. We think we have enough of that around us. Things which are not so obvious are far more interesting. So we created a imaginary landscape with lots of things to discover.

Who needs reality?

Augmented Reality Japanese landscapeAugmented Reality Japanese garden

Augmented Reality Drones zoneAugmented Reality "Drone-Zone"

Augmented Reality Japaneze landscapeAugmented Reality production by ArtiShock

Augmented Reality rotating cube

This Augmented Reality App is an exciting trip for those interested in new experiences in the landscape of audio-visual equipment and concepts.

How to experience this AR app?

  1. Download de app for iOS/Apple or Android
  2. Download the image/marker (.png);
  3. Start the app and point towards the image marker.

Gestures for this AR app:

  1. Pinch with 2 fingers to zoom-in/out;
  2. Rotate using 2 fingers;
  3. Pan using 1 finger (rotation round horizontal or vertical axis of the cube;
  4. Tap on "VISIT HULSKAMP" to go to our partners 'partner-page';
  5. Tap on the ArtiShock Logo and URL to go to our partner-page ;)

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