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Augmented Reality app & 3D haaien etalage

AR app & Interactive shop window

To promote the pop-up store of ASUS (no. 3 worldwide in the sale of laptops, PCs, etc.) in the Rotterdam shopping street "The sale gutter" we created a extraordinary 3D animation and a instore Augmented Reality app.

Interactive shop window
The 3D animation is visible with a powerful projector onto special foil on the shop window. The concept of ASUS 'Your Bucket List' can virtually take place in the shark cage. Eventually the cage is attacked by great white sharks. This project was created by members of the Cooperative Artishock.

Augmented Reality app
We also produced a instore Augmeted reality app for the products displayed inside the pop-up store. With the use of old fashioned black-and-white markers it was a succesfull project we created within 3 weeks...

Project info:
This project was implemented by Artishock and commissioned by NewWorld. The 3D animation was made by Marcel Massing, the technique is performed by Edward van Dongen and Tim Walther. Communications and project-management by Cristian Vorstius Kruijff who also was responsible for the design of the AR app. The App was programmed by Theo Lagendijk & Coen de Koning.

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