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Augmented Reality animation with a mission

AR animation concept

For Ariad Benelux Artishock produced an animation in combination with Augmented Reality. A soft landing video-production made with the use of Layar.

Augmented Reality animation

a interchangable team

Augmented Reality with a mission
For a global meeting of Ariad we were commissioned to make a team presentation in one's own way. Conceptually, we made two animated video's with a combination of film, photography, animation and Augmented Reality.

The first video was displayed in the bulk of all the other team presentations. However, the video stopped midway by saying that everyone probably had something better to do than sit down 2 hours watching stupid team video presentations. Under each seat was an envelope containing a marker and instructions on how they could experience the full presentation in their own time and place with the use of Layar. Here the team Benelux team clearly stated it wants to innovate with new ways of perception and information transfer.

Note: We cannot -of course- show internal stuff from our client, so if you want to know more, please do not hesitate to make an appointment with us...

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