Artishock mixed reality productions

Augmented Reality exhibition stand

Augmented Reality beursstand voor een medisch congress

After designing the Augmented Reality app (AR ponatinib) we also designed a Augmented Reality exhibition stand for Incyte Biosciences (formerly called Ariad Pharmaceuticals).

Augmented Reality animation

Augmented Reality booth

Opstelling tijdens een beurs / Setup during a congress

The booth shows the Augmented Reality app (AR ponatinib). Augmented Reality means adding digital information to the actual physical environment. Visitors see, in this case, the AR ponatinib app in all its 3D glory.

How does this Augmented Reality exhibition work?

In the column an iPad is incorporated containing the AR ponatinib app. The app detects and scans a so called “marker” image through the lens of the iPad. This marker is positioned on a turntable. The app translates the marker into a real 3D model. The iPad is also linked to a 74-inch monitor mirroring the iPad view.

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