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Augmented Reality & Emerging Technologies

Exploring digital dimensions

Artishock is a creative and technical platform, that explores, experiments and implements projects with Augmented and Virtual Reality and other emerging technologies.

What we do:


We create intelligent, beautiful and innovative digital experiences that bridge technology, art and science.

Microsoft Hololens productions Solutions with applied Augmented Realty & Microsoft Hololens.


We are 3D specialists, web-builders, artists, programmers, UX designers, interaction and graphic designers, copywriters, interactive video and audio artists and industrial designers.

What we do

We create new exciting ideas and translate them to tangible solutions using the expertise in our platform.

We combine knowledge from various disciplines and offer companies and institutions innovative solutions they may never have thought of before. Our artistic approach to design and technology makes the difference in projects worldwide.

Augmented Reality oplossingen Stuff we do

Our platform realizes Augmented Reality projects, interactive video and projections, live audio painting, games and all kinds of amazing stuff.

    Storytelling & functional solutions:

  • Augmented Reality
  • Virtual Reality
  • E-learning met emerging technologies
  • 360° Video & 3D video
  • 3D & interactive video mapping
  • Interactieve video projections
  • Game development
  • 3D animatie & print
  • UX Design & development
  • Audio architecture & music productions
  • Live audio & video presentations
In short: We design & create beautiful emerging technology productions. So if you are looking for a truly amazing innovative solution, just contact us.

Why we do it

The feature of our time -digital media- is reshaping and restructuring patterns of social dependence and all other aspects of our personal lives.

Augmented Reality animation Main team van ArtiShock

We like to reconsider and re-evaluate practically everything, every thought and every action formerly taken for granted. Everything is changing: we, our family, our neighbourhood, our education, our jobs, our government and our relation to ‘the others’.

And they’re changing dramatically.

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