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Apple acquires Augmented Reality company Metaio

Dordrecht, 28 may 2015

Around 21:00 CET twitter showed the first announcement of the take over of Metaio by Apple. This was followed shortly by documents of the German Trade Registry that already date back to may 22, 2015 in which is shown that the total share capital has been taken over by Apple.

This news could have been known earlier but the market was looking at Google and Metaio was silent. Within the hour after Apple was mentioned for the first time, Technocrunch was able to confirm the news after contacting Apple. "Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans".

The way Metaio, and therefore Apple treated the Metaio clients is disturbing. The sudden disappearance of the site, the shutdown of any form of communication via social media has shocked many of the 200.000 developers that use Metaio. Complete companies were set up based on Metaio technology.

What will Apple do with the newly required Metaio?

At the same time it shows that Augmented Reality is 'hot' and that the big players in the market are preparing for important developments. What will Apple do with the newly required Metaio? How long before we will see the next step and can start working with it? In the Netherlands Artishock will follow this news closely and inform its followers as soon as there is more news. Despite the (temporarily) disappearance of this supplier more fantastic Augmented Reality projects are being delivered.


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